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How to bid

Frequently Asked Bidder Questions

Can anyone participate in your sales?

Unless clearly stated otherwise, all sales posted on our website are open to the public and anyone can participate. 

Why do some of your sales link me to another company’s bidding site?

We partner many of our sales. If you are forwarded to a partner website, please review their terms of sale as they may vary from ours. All of our partners are legitimate and respected companies.

Can I inspect items prior to purchase?

Most sales allow for onsite viewing. Look for references to ‘viewing’, ‘preview’ or ‘inspection’ date/time. If you choose not to inspect, please keep in mind that (unless noted otherwise) items are always sold ‘as-is’ and all sales are final. Please read descriptions thoroughly and recognize that you are responsible for all risks of item condition. As a policy, we try to point out condition issues that we are aware of; however the nature of most liquidation auctions limits the availability of condition information.

How do I register to bid in an auction?

Look for links to ‘register’ or proceed to view items at the bidding site where registration links will also be found. For most sales you will need a valid credit card in order to bid. However, there may be limits to making final payments by credit card. Please review the ‘How to Pay’ section on each sale listing. Most importantly, you will want to read the terms of sale. Unlike an eBay type auction, liquidation sales place more responsibilities upon the buyer. You will want to understand: 1) methods and timing for payment; 2) additional fees such as a buyers’ premium; 3) timing and responsibilities regarding item pickup/removal.

How do I bid in an auction?

Because sales often take place on a variety of bidding systems, each sale may operate differently.   We recommend registering early so you can access the bidding site before the sale and become familiar options like ‘watch lists’ which can make it easy for you to track items you are bidding on.  Note that once you submit a bid in an auction, it cannot be retracted, so take time to get comfortable with the system or call our customer support line for help at 720-704-5400, option 3.

What’s the difference between a ‘live webcast’, ‘virtual’ and an ‘online only' auction’?

While there are a number of variations to each type of auction method, the three most common today are:

1 | live webcast auction – this is a sale that takes place live from the facility being auctioned. It allows for bidders to attend in person and bid with the raise of a paddle in front of a live auctioneer; the sale will also be webcast for participation online. Online bidding takes place concurrent with the live bidding. Bidders have the option as to how they would like to participate. Bidders are typically permitted to submit absentee bids online which will be communicated to the auctioneer for consideration during the auction;

2 | virtual auction – these sales are lead by a live auctioneer just as in a live webcast; however in this case no live audience is permitted. All bidders will participate online and follow along as the auctioneer sells one lot at a time. Again, like a live webcast, bidders are typically permitted to submit absentee bids, which are submitted to the auctioneer for consideration along with real time bids received.

3 | online only auction – these sales do not involve a live auctioneer, and rather occur using an automated bidding system.  Typically, items will open up for bidding for a 7 to 10 day period and then close in sequential order over a 1-2 day period.  As items close, bid deadlines will extend until no further bidding occurs on the items (duration of bid extension varies by sale).  As items extend and remain open, other items without bid activity will close.  Once the auction concludes, you will receive a bill for your successful bids.

How do I pay for my purchases?

Following the sale, you should receive an invoice by email. If you don’t receive one, contact the auction office.  Payment terms vary by sale, but sales operated by 360Bid typically require full payment within 24 hours of the auction by wire transfer, cashiers check or credit card. Payments for purchase amounts up to $10,000 are typically processed on your credit card provided automatically, unless we are notified ahead of time of an alternate preferred payment form. Credit card payment may be subject to limitations – please refer to the specific sale’s terms.

What is a buyers’ premium?

A buyers’ premium is a surcharge that will be assessed on top of the high bid price for every items purchased. If the buyers’ premium is 18% and you win a bid at $100, you will pay $118, plus sales tax (if applicable).

Am I responsible for payment of sales tax?

When you make your purchase, you are buying and taking possession of your purchases in the taxable jurisdiction where the items are located. You are therefor responsible for sales tax in that jurisdiction, unless you can provide us with acceptable evidence of exemption, such as a reseller certificate specific to the jurisdiction. You may also be entitled to exemption if you can provide a Bill of Lading showing the goods are being transported directly out of state. Buyers are responsible to provide necessary documentation; however, we reserve the right to accept or reject exemption materials.  Please do not pay sales tax on an invoice if you intend on providing exemption materials.

How do I pickup what I purchased?

Once your bill is paid in full and any applicable tax exemption documents are provided, you can make arrangements for pickup by contacting the number provided on your invoice. Pickup is by appointment only. Please see the specific sale’s terms for pickup deadlines and timeframes.  You may pickup your items personally or send in a shipper or rigging company. See the sale listing for possible shipping recommendations provided specific to the sale. When picking up, you – or your agent – will need: 1) a copy of your invoice (print), 2) proof of adequate insurance if anything requires disassembly or rigging and 3) your own packing, crating and carting materials and equipment.

Can you refer me to a shipper or rigger?

 You can find sale specific shipper and rigger information listed when clicking on the sale listing.  Please note that while these referral companies have been reliable in the past, we cannot take any responsibility for issues between you and the third parties listed.

Do you accept returns?

All sales are final and no returns are permitted. Please inspect and/or bid carefully.

Why do the bidding terms seem so strict?

We value your business and want you to benefit from the exceptional buying opportunities of a liquidation auction. Due to the distress nature of most sales, however, we are responsible to provide a quick and non-contingent sale process to ensure everything is purchased, paid for and removed timely. 

Who Do I contact for Assistance

Click on the Sale Listing Link and scroll to the Important Information section.  You will find contacts to assist you specific to the auction and your need.  If all else fails, please feel free to contact our office at 720-704-5400, ext. 110 or email support@360assetadvisors.com, and we will direct you accordingly.